The european EDGeS project has been accepted

The EDGeS project aims to propose a standardization of grids so that any type of grid could exchange and share resources. The goal is to enable resources sharing between EGEE and Desktop Grid such as Boinc, Xgrid or XtremWeb.Introduction.

EDGeS ( is a two years european project of type "infrastructure" aiming to work on grid convergence from "insutionnal" grid such as EGEE to desktop grids such as Boinc, Xgrid ot XtremWeb.

This project agregates 9 participants from 6 countries:

  • SZTAKI, Hongary
  • CIEMAT, Sapin
  • Fundecyt, Spain
  • INRIA, France
  • IN2P3, France
  • Universite de Westminster , UK
  • Universite de Cardiff, UK
  • AlmereGrid, Netherlands
  • Universite de Coimbra, Portugal

The LAL has the responsability of the NA3 (Network Activity 3) : "Standardization procedures", and will especially work with the INRIA which is le leader of the JRA1 (Joint Research Activity) "SG-DG Bridges Technologies". LAL also participates to "Service Activities" which goal is to deploy and maintain a new infrastructure combining resources from the different platforms.

NA3 :"Standardization procedures".

NAE is an activity that will focus on collecting and spreading the new standards proposed by this project while aggregating the deepest communion. It will also open the widest possible audience from public and private entities. It will call for experience and expertise sharing in order to define a definitive standard to enable SG and DG resource sharing by unifying a set of standard and immutable interfaces as well as services and protocols. The process of standardization will iterate until an agreement is found within the obtained audience. NA3 will highly interact with JRA1 since this collaboration will help to iterate through the definition of the standard.


EDGeS budget is 2.500KE.

LAL manages 297KE including 268KE for salary and 29KE for equipements and missions.