EGEE 2nd User Forum : an XtremWeb/EGEE poster

We have the pleasure to present a poster at EGEE 2nd User Forum describing our works on grids integration : EGEE and XtremWeb.These works tends to permit resource sharings between these two platforms and to standardize their interfaces.

Motivations :

  • to aggregate secured computing resources from both platforms ;
  • to centralize all over a unic GateKeeper ;
  • to standardize user interface as to conform to grid standaidizatioin specifications.

Theses works have to parts.
The first proposes to include EGEE computing resources into XtremWeb.
To that goal, an XtremWeb "agent" instanciates XtremWeb workers as EGEE jobs, accordingly to XtremWeb needs and EGEE resources disponibility. These XtremWeb worker deployed over EGEE platform are configured with a specific time to live and can run a single XtremWeb task.


  • include users who don’t belong to any VO;
  • use XtremWeb security, load balancing and fault tolerance;
  • benefit of EGEE submission mechanisms to automatically deploy XtremWeb services.

The second part proposes to include XtremWeb computing resources into EGEE platform.
The main idea of this solution consists of using the XtremWeb coordinator as batch scheduler.


  • use EGEE interface;
  • benefit of EGEE high security level;
  • benefit of XtremWeb mechanisms; bypass firewall, fault tolerance and load balancing to optimize EGEE resources utilization.

The main disavantage of our works:

  • a double deployement (even automatic) of EGEE and XtremWeb.


  • XtremWeb brings:
    • an automatic load balancing of ressources from both platforms;
    • a fault tolerant model.
  • EGEE brings:
    • a high security level;
    • Virtual Organizations;
    • a centralized user interface.

Open questions:

  • our solution need a JDL descriptor to distinguish &qout;EGEE" from "Desktop Grid" tasks;
  • will it be possible to standardize Desktop Grid implementations?
  • will it be possible to deploy EGEE middleware "on the fly"?
  • how to secure Deskto Grid resources to conform to EGEE requirements?