1. Contribute to the XtremWeb-HEP computing power

You can contribute to the computing power by donating some of your CPU time.

Please download and install the XtremWeb-HEP worker.

Once installed, this worker will download and execute scientific computations.

Native worker

XtremWeb-HEP Worker as native application.

Virtualized worker

Virtual disk with the XtremWeb-HEP worker installed.
_ The virtualization system guarantees that the scientific computations can not endanger your computer.

  • VirtualBox disk available soon
  • VMWare disk available soon

Cloud worker

Virtual machine with the XtremWeb-HEP worker installed.
_ The cloud server allows on-demand allocation of the resources running the XtremWeb-HEP worker.

  • OpenNebula virtual machine available soon
  • Eucalyptus virtual machine available soon