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  • GECON 2015 – 12th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services  ; Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Sept 15-17th, 2015
    E-Fast & CloudPower: Towards High Performance Technical Analysis for Small Investors

  • Mircea Moca, Darie Moldovan, Oleg Lodygensky, and Gilles Fedak

  • MIPRO 2015 – 38th International Convention ; Opatija, Croatia – May 25-29, 2015
    Synergy of Volunteer Measurements and Volunteer Computing for Effective Data Collecting, Processing, Simulating and Analyzing on a Worldwide Scale

  • Nikita Gordienko, Oleg Lodygensky, Gilles Fedak, Yuri Gordienko.

  • SpeQuloS: A QoS Service for BoT Applications Using Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures
  • G. Fedak, S. Delamare, D. Kondo, O. Lodygensky.

    International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC’2012), Delft, Nederlands – June 18-22, 2012

  • Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructure Experiments in Grid5000: Supporting QoS in Desktop Grids with Cloud Resources
  • G. Fedak, S. Delamare, O. Lodygensky.

    Grid 5000 School, Reims, France – April 18-21, 2011

  • Extending the EGEE grid with XtremWeb-HEP Desktop Grid
  • H. He, G. Fedak, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, Z. Balaton, O. Lodygensky, E. Urbah, G. Caillat, F. Aurajo, A. Emmen.

    To appear in 4th Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems, Melbourne, Australia – May 17-20, 2010

  • Using Virtual Machines in Desktop Grid Clients for Application Sandboxing
  • A. Csaba Marosi, P. Kacsuk, G. Fedak, O. Lodygensky.

    PDP 2010, Pisa, Italy, February 17th to 19th, 2010.

  • EDGeS: Bridging EGEE to BOINC and XtremWeb
  • E. Urbah, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, G. Fedak, G. Kecskemeti, O. Lodygensky, A. Marosi, Z. Balaton, G. Caillat, G. Gombas, A. Kornafeld, J. Kovacs, H. He, and R. Lovas.

    JoGC Journal of Grid Computing, Volume 7, Number 3, 2009.

  • EDGeS: the Common Boundary Between Service and Desktop Grids  [BibTex]
  • Z. Balaton, Z. Farkas, G. Gombas, P. Kacsuk, R. Lovas, A. Marosi, Ad Emmen, G. Terstyanszky, T. Kiss, I. Kelley, I Taylor, O. Lodygensky, M. Cardenas-Montes, G. Fedak and F. Araujo

    Parallel Processing Letters, Volume 18, Number 3, 2008.

  • EDGeS:A Bridge Between Desktop Grids and Service Grids  [BibTex]
  • G. Fedak,  H. He,  O. Lodygensky,  Z. Balaton,  Z. Farkas,  G. Gombas,  P. Kacsuk,  R. Lovas,  A. Csaba Marosi,  I. Kelley,  I. Taylor,  G. Terstyanszky,  T. Kiss,  M. Cardenas-Montes, A. Emmen,  F. Araujo.

    ChinaGrid 2008, Dunhuang, Gansu, CHINA;
    Aug 20-22, 2008.

  • Contribution aux infrastructures de calcul global : délégation inter plates-formes, intégration de services standards et application à la physique des hautes énergies.

    O. Lodygensky

    Composition du jury:

    • Présidents : F. Cappello, A. Cordier
    • Rapporteurs : C. Cérin, P. Manneback
    • Examinateurs : G. Wormser, M. Lyvni
    • Invité : C. Loomis

    Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire – Université Paris Sud

    Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique- Université Paris Sud

    21 septembre 2006

  • "Des systemes client-serveur aux systemes pair a pair"
  • F. Cappello, G. Fedak, T. Morlier, O. Lodygensky,

    Chapter in "Enclyclopedie Vuibert"; 2005.

  • RPC-V: Toward Fault-Tolerant RPC for Internet Connected
    Desktop Grids with Volatile Nodes.
  • S. Djilali, T. Herault, O. Lodygensky, T. Morlier, F. Cappello, G. Fedak.

    SuperComputing 2004, Pittsburgh
    PA, USA; November 2004.

  • Computing on Large Scale Distributed Systems: XtremWeb Architecture, Programming Models, Security,
    Tests and Convergence with Grid.
  • F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, T. Herault, F. Magniette, O. Lodygensky,
    V. Neri.

    Chapter in "Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 21,
    Issue 3, March 2005, Pages 417-437"

  • XtremWeb & Condor : sharing resources between Internet connected Condor pools.
  • O. Lodygensky, G. Fedak, F. Cappello, V. Neri, M. Livny, D. Thain

    CCGRID 2003, Tokyo, JAPAN;
    May 12-15, 2003.

  • Augernome & XtremWeb: Monte Carlos computation on a global
    computing platform.
  • O. Lodygensky, G. Fedak, F. Cappello, V. Neri, A. Cordier

    CHEP 03, La Jolla
    CA, USA; March 24-28, 2003.

  • MPICH-V: Parallel Computing on P2P Systems
  • G. Bosilca, A. Bouteillier, F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, C. Germain, T. Herault, P. Lemarinier, O. Lodygensky, F. Magniette, V. Neri, A. Selhikov

    SuperComputing 2002, Baltimore
    USA; November 2002.

  • XtremWeb : une plate-forme de recherche sur le Calcul Global et Pair à Pair
  • F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, C. Germain, O Lodygensky, V. Néri

    Chapitre 6 in "Calcul réparti à grande échelle & Metacomputing"; Francoise Baude, Hermes Sciences – Lavoisier, 2002