2. Use the XtremWeb-HEP computing power

Current version : 9.0.6 (oct 2014)

You can use the CPU time gathered by XtremWeb-HEP to submit jobs processing your data.

For this purpose, you can download the XtremWeb-HEP client.

XtremWeb-HEP Client packages

‌ Access to the XtremWeb-HEP server requires that you perform an Authentication (Verification of your identity).
-* If you have an X509 certificate signed by a Certification Authority member of IGTF (International Grid Trust Federation), you can use :
-** The list of certificates of the Certificate Authorities, updated every night at 00:00,
-** The software jlite by Oleg Sukhoroslov to generate an X509 proxy permitting XtremWeb-HEP to authenticate you automatically.
-* If you do not have such an X509 certificate, you have to ask for a login and password to the administrator of the XtremWeb-HEP server.

Please check the documentation.