Live CD

We are pleased to propose a ISO image so that one can test the full middleware in a virtual machine like Virtual Box.

You must create a virtual machine and attached the ISO image to the CD of the machine.

When you boot the virtual machine, please enter “linux”.

The login is “sluser”; there is no password.

The “root” user has no password.

Attention : the keboard in configured in QWERTY; to change that, open the “IceWM” menu in the bottom left of the screen, and select “system-config-keyboard”.

Please refer to the user guide available here.

The ISO image is there
Live CD (size : 343Mb; md5sum : f2ee694084e403b133b4a067b905bae9).

Test your own desktop grid

We have the pleasure to release server, worker and client packages that can be used to test your own grid on a single host.

We provide RPM Debian packages for Linux and Apple packages.

Security issue

Anybody downloading these packages have access to all security credentials and can then easily misuse the public server.

It must be clearly understood that these packages, and especially the server, must not be used to deploy a public production grid .


You are invited to refer to the documentation available here.

Installation procedure

  1. Download the packages listed below
  2. Install the server, worker and client packages on one single machine :
    • RPM packages

      $> rpm -i testbed-xwhep-server-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm
      $> rpm -i testbed-xwhep-worker-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm
      $> rpm -i testbed-xwhep-client-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm

    • Debian packages

      $> dpkg -i testbed-xwhep-server-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm
      $> dpkg -i testbed-xwhep-worker-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm
      $> dpkg -i testbed-xwhep-client-8.2.0-1.noarch.rpm

    • Mac OS X packages : double click on packages and follow instructions.
  3. Create your “.xtremweb” directory.

    Please don’t forget the leading dot : “.xtremweb” and not “xtremweb”

    $>mkdir $HOME/.xtremweb

  4. Copy the client template configuration file.
    • Linux

      $>cp /opt/xwhep-client-8.2.0/conf/xtremweb.client.conf $HOME/.xtremweb/

    • Apple

      $>cp /Applications/xwhep-client/conf/xtremweb.client.conf $HOME/.xtremweb/
  5. Edit your copy of the client configuration file.

    $>vi $HOME/.xtremweb/xtremweb.client.conf

  6. Modify login and password attributes and set them to “admin” and “adminp” respectively.



  1. Retrieve registered workers.
    You should retrieve localhost if you have installed the worker package.

    $> xwworkers

  2. Register an application with its binaries.
    You can register as many binaries as wanted, providing the OS and the CPU type for each binary of the application.

    Providing binaries for Linux

    $> xwsendapp ls linux ix86 /bin/ls
    $> xwsendapp ls linux x86_64 /bin/ls
    $> xwsendapp ls linux amd64 /bin/ls

    Provinding binaries for Mac OS X

    $> xwsendapp ls macosx ix86 /bin/ls
    $> xwsendapp ls macosx x86_64 /bin/ls
    $> xwsendapp ls macosx amd64 /bin/ls

  3. Submit a job

    $> xwsubmit ls

  4. Retreive job status

    $> xwstatus

  5. Download job results

    $> xwresults

RPM packages

Debian packages

Mac OS X packages