• 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (Nov, 29th – Dec, 1st 2011; Athens, Greece)
  • The 11th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications (31 August-02 September 2011 Pafos Cyprus)
  • The Second International Workshop on MapReduce and its Applications (MAPREDUCE’11) (June 8, 2011 HPDC’2011, San Jose, CA, USA)
  • 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science. (Nov 30th, 2010, Indianapolis, USA)
  • The First International Workshop on MapReduce and its Applications. (June 22nd, 2010 HPDC’2010, Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Curriculum vitae

    • 2012-2014 : pertern of ANR "CloudPower" project ; leader of CNRS activity
    • 2013-2014 : folowing the HEC Challenge+ program
    • 2010-2012 : partern of DEGISCO and EDGI European projects; leader of CNRS activities
    • 2008-2010 : partner of the EDGeS European project; leader of CNRS activities; leader of the network activity “NA3 : Standardization procedures”
    • since 2006 : leader of the XtremWeb-HEP ( global computing platform based on XtremWeb 1.8 by INRIA
    • 2006 : PhD (PhD) defense on distributed computing : “Contributing to global computing infrastructures : inter platforms delegation, legacy services integration and HEP aplications”
    • 2000-2006 : Member of LRI-INRIA ( in a LAL-LRI project : Study of the XtremWeb global computing platform usage for HEP applications
    • 1994-2000 : engineer on command control software developmenst; contribution to (1) H1( hardware testbed ; (2) EROS ( development of command control for telescope motors to find and follow stars; (3) CELESTE ( developement of command control for radar motors
    • Since 1994 : engineer at LAL (, a high enery physics (HEP) laboratory of University Paris South – Orsay


  • Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructure Experiments in Grid5000: Supporting QoS in Desktop Grids with Cloud Resources


    G. Fedak, S. Delamare, O. Lodygensky

    Grid 5000 School
    , Reims, France – April 18-21, 2011

  • Extending the EGEE grid with XtremWeb-HEP Desktop Grid

      H. He, G. Fedak, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, Z. Balaton, O. Lodygensky, E. Urbah, G. Caillat, F. Aurajo, A. Emmen.
      To appear in

    4th Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems, Melbourne, Australia – May 17-20, 2010

  • EDGeS: Bridging EGEE to BOINC and XtremWeb


    E. Urbah, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, G. Fedak, G. Kecskemeti, O. Lodygensky, A. Marosi, Z. Balaton, G. Caillat, G. Gombas, A. Kornafeld, J. Kovacs, H. He, and R. Lovas.
      JoGC Journal of Grid Computing, Volume 7, Number 3, 2009.

  • EDGeS: the Common Boundary Between Service and Desktop Grids
      Z. Balaton, Z. Farkas, G. Gombas, P. Kacsuk, R. Lovas, A. Marosi, Ad Emmen, G. Terstyanszky, T. Kiss, I. Kelley, I Taylor, O. Lodygensky, M. Cardenas-Montes, G. Fedak and F. Araujo
      Parallel Processing Letters, Volume 18, Number 3, 2008.

  • EDGeS:A Bridge Between Desktop Grids and Service Grids
      G. Fedak,  H. He,  O. Lodygensky,  Z. Balaton,  Z. Farkas,  G. Gombas,  P. Kacsuk,  R. Lovas,  A. Csaba Marosi,  I. Kelley,  I. Taylor,  G. Terstyanszky,  T. Kiss,  M. Cardenas-Montes, A. Emmen,  F. Araujo.
      ChinaGrid 2008, Dunhuang, Gansu, CHINA;
    Aug 20-22, 2008.