1. Publications

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  • GECON 2015 – 12th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services  ; Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Sept 15-17th, 2015
    E-Fast & CloudPower: Towards High Performance Technical Analysis for Small Investors

  • Mircea Moca, Darie Moldovan, Oleg Lodygensky, and Gilles Fedak

  • MIPRO 2015 – 38th International Convention ; Opatija, Croatia – May 25-29, 2015
    Synergy of Volunteer Measurements and Volunteer Computing for Effective Data Collecting, Processing, Simulating and Analyzing on a Worldwide Scale

  • Nikita Gordienko, Oleg Lodygensky, Gilles Fedak, Yuri Gordienko.

  • SpeQuloS: A QoS Service for BoT Applications Using Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures
  • G. Fedak, S. Delamare, D. Kondo, O. Lodygensky.

    International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC’2012), Delft, Nederlands – June 18-22, 2012

  • Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructure Experiments in Grid5000: Supporting QoS in Desktop Grids with Cloud Resources
  • G. Fedak, S. Delamare, O. Lodygensky.

    Grid 5000 School, Reims, France – April 18-21, 2011

  • Extending the EGEE grid with XtremWeb-HEP Desktop Grid
  • H. He, G. Fedak, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, Z. Balaton, O. Lodygensky, E. Urbah, G. Caillat, F. Aurajo, A. Emmen.

    To appear in 4th Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems, Melbourne, Australia – May 17-20, 2010

  • Using Virtual Machines in Desktop Grid Clients for Application Sandboxing
  • A. Csaba Marosi, P. Kacsuk, G. Fedak, O. Lodygensky.

    PDP 2010, Pisa, Italy, February 17th to 19th, 2010.

  • EDGeS: Bridging EGEE to BOINC and XtremWeb
  • E. Urbah, P. Kacsuk, Z. Farkas, G. Fedak, G. Kecskemeti, O. Lodygensky, A. Marosi, Z. Balaton, G. Caillat, G. Gombas, A. Kornafeld, J. Kovacs, H. He, and R. Lovas.

    JoGC Journal of Grid Computing, Volume 7, Number 3, 2009.

  • EDGeS: the Common Boundary Between Service and Desktop Grids  [BibTex]
  • Z. Balaton, Z. Farkas, G. Gombas, P. Kacsuk, R. Lovas, A. Marosi, Ad Emmen, G. Terstyanszky, T. Kiss, I. Kelley, I Taylor, O. Lodygensky, M. Cardenas-Montes, G. Fedak and F. Araujo

    Parallel Processing Letters, Volume 18, Number 3, 2008.

  • EDGeS:A Bridge Between Desktop Grids and Service Grids  [BibTex]
  • G. Fedak,  H. He,  O. Lodygensky,  Z. Balaton,  Z. Farkas,  G. Gombas,  P. Kacsuk,  R. Lovas,  A. Csaba Marosi,  I. Kelley,  I. Taylor,  G. Terstyanszky,  T. Kiss,  M. Cardenas-Montes, A. Emmen,  F. Araujo.

    ChinaGrid 2008, Dunhuang, Gansu, CHINA;
    Aug 20-22, 2008.

  • Contribution aux infrastructures de calcul global : délégation inter plates-formes, intégration de services standards et application à la physique des hautes énergies.

    O. Lodygensky

    Composition du jury:

    • Présidents : F. Cappello, A. Cordier
    • Rapporteurs : C. Cérin, P. Manneback
    • Examinateurs : G. Wormser, M. Lyvni
    • Invité : C. Loomis

    Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire – Université Paris Sud

    Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique- Université Paris Sud

    21 septembre 2006

  • "Des systemes client-serveur aux systemes pair a pair"
  • F. Cappello, G. Fedak, T. Morlier, O. Lodygensky,

    Chapter in "Enclyclopedie Vuibert"; 2005.

  • RPC-V: Toward Fault-Tolerant RPC for Internet Connected
    Desktop Grids with Volatile Nodes.
  • S. Djilali, T. Herault, O. Lodygensky, T. Morlier, F. Cappello, G. Fedak.

    SuperComputing 2004, Pittsburgh
    PA, USA; November 2004.

  • Computing on Large Scale Distributed Systems: XtremWeb Architecture, Programming Models, Security,
    Tests and Convergence with Grid.
  • F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, T. Herault, F. Magniette, O. Lodygensky,
    V. Neri.

    Chapter in "Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 21,
    Issue 3, March 2005, Pages 417-437"

  • XtremWeb & Condor : sharing resources between Internet connected Condor pools.
  • O. Lodygensky, G. Fedak, F. Cappello, V. Neri, M. Livny, D. Thain

    CCGRID 2003, Tokyo, JAPAN;
    May 12-15, 2003.

  • Augernome & XtremWeb: Monte Carlos computation on a global
    computing platform.
  • O. Lodygensky, G. Fedak, F. Cappello, V. Neri, A. Cordier

    CHEP 03, La Jolla
    CA, USA; March 24-28, 2003.

  • MPICH-V: Parallel Computing on P2P Systems
  • G. Bosilca, A. Bouteillier, F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, C. Germain, T. Herault, P. Lemarinier, O. Lodygensky, F. Magniette, V. Neri, A. Selhikov

    SuperComputing 2002, Baltimore
    USA; November 2002.

  • XtremWeb : une plate-forme de recherche sur le Calcul Global et Pair à Pair
  • F. Cappello, S. Djilali, G. Fedak, C. Germain, O Lodygensky, V. Néri

    Chapitre 6 in "Calcul réparti à grande échelle & Metacomputing"; Francoise Baude, Hermes Sciences – Lavoisier, 2002

    2. Presentations

    – July 2011 : PPT ‘Software Engineering For Distributed Data Processing Infrastructures (DCIs)’ at OGF 32 in Salt Lake City

    – November 2010 : PDF ‘XtremWeb-HEP: a securized and interconnected desktop grid’ at Laboratoire de Business Intelligence-Telecom Paris

    – October 2010 : PDF ‘Standards for Distributed Data Processing Infrastructures (DCIs)’ at ENS Lyon LIP

    – October 2010 : PDF ‘XtremWeb-HEP’ at Atelier Opérations France Grille à CC-IN2P3 Lyon Villeurbanne

    – March 2009 : PDF ‘Why does EDGeS need OGF PGI ?’ at OGF 25 in Catania

    3. Posters

    – May 2012 : PDF Poster introducing virtualization over Desktop Grid; CHEP 2012 – May 21-25th, 2012 – New York, USA

    – October 2010 : PDF PPT Poster describing (in French) the Software Processing of Scientific Data, for the Science Days 2010.

    – Septembre 2010 : PDF PPT Poster describing useful standards and necessary interfaces, at EGI-TF (European Grid Initiative – Technical Forum).

    – Mai 2010 : PDF PPT Poster describing the Bridging of Institutional Grids, Desktop Grids and Academic Clouds at France Grilles 2010.

    – February 2008 : Poster at EGEE 3rd User Forum describing our work inside the EDGeS project.

    – Mai 2007 : Poster at EGEE 2nd User Forum.

    EGEE 2nd User Forum : an XtremWeb/EGEE poster

    We have the pleasure to present a poster at EGEE 2nd User Forum describing our works on grids integration : EGEE and XtremWeb.These works tends to permit resource sharings between these two platforms and to standardize their interfaces.

    Motivations :

    • to aggregate secured computing resources from both platforms ;
    • to centralize all over a unic GateKeeper ;
    • to standardize user interface as to conform to grid standaidizatioin specifications.

    Theses works have to parts.
    The first proposes to include EGEE computing resources into XtremWeb.
    To that goal, an XtremWeb "agent" instanciates XtremWeb workers as EGEE jobs, accordingly to XtremWeb needs and EGEE resources disponibility. These XtremWeb worker deployed over EGEE platform are configured with a specific time to live and can run a single XtremWeb task.


    • include users who don’t belong to any VO;
    • use XtremWeb security, load balancing and fault tolerance;
    • benefit of EGEE submission mechanisms to automatically deploy XtremWeb services.

    The second part proposes to include XtremWeb computing resources into EGEE platform.
    The main idea of this solution consists of using the XtremWeb coordinator as batch scheduler.


    • use EGEE interface;
    • benefit of EGEE high security level;
    • benefit of XtremWeb mechanisms; bypass firewall, fault tolerance and load balancing to optimize EGEE resources utilization.

    The main disavantage of our works:

    • a double deployement (even automatic) of EGEE and XtremWeb.


    • XtremWeb brings:
      • an automatic load balancing of ressources from both platforms;
      • a fault tolerant model.
    • EGEE brings:
      • a high security level;
      • Virtual Organizations;
      • a centralized user interface.

    Open questions:

    • our solution need a JDL descriptor to distinguish &qout;EGEE" from "Desktop Grid" tasks;
    • will it be possible to standardize Desktop Grid implementations?
    • will it be possible to deploy EGEE middleware "on the fly"?
    • how to secure Deskto Grid resources to conform to EGEE requirements?